Methodology that helps you transform your marketing organisation and position it as the benchmark structure in your company by integrating internal and external people, structures, collaboration principles, processes and budget.


Our unique methodology aims to optimise your marketing operations and processes to the situation of today, and to help you be prepared for the coming years.


It's flexible, scalable and adaptable to your specific needs (whether you are focused on transforming your internal organisation, your agency ecosystem or both) or size (whether you are a large multinational or a local brand).


It helps you to build a marketing organisation based on a coordinated platform that integrates internal and external people, structures, budget, collaboration principles and processes.


It maps your current situation, and breaks down the silos of your organisation. It designs transformation prototypes and guides to ensure commitment to the chosen transformation model from all stakeholders.


The final outcome is the delivery of a transformation plan that enables to establish, execute and evaluate your transformation plan. It includes necessary actions, timeline and KPI measures.

Although you will need digital tools - as a result from the model itself - to optimise the execution of your Transformation Game Plan, it is not a software platform, nor a digital application of some kind.


The Marketing Transformation Model is flexible, scalable and adaptable to your specific needs. The basic principles of the methodology can be summarised in 3 major steps.


Get insights into your strengths and weaknesses.

We will gain full understanding of your market and your current marketing situation by a combination of analysing existing documents, conducting online surveys and face-to-face interviews with your key staff members and with key resources at your agencies. The main outcomes are the creation of a Transformation Taskforce and a definition of a list of Optimisation Opportunities.


Shape opportunities and make them real and actionable.

In this second step we will challenge the current situation, together with the Transformation Taskforce, and deep-dive into the Optimisation Opportunities by developing hypothetical what-if scenarios during on-site customised workshops. The main outcome is the creation of an Innovation Framework, including the expected obstacles towards Transformation.


Generate ideas and turn them into opportunities for growth.

Finally, we will prototype your transformed Marketing Organisation based on the Innovation Framework during a collaborative editorial process with the Taskforce. We will also give you assistance to ensure commitment from all stakeholders. The final outcome is a detailed Game Plan that will allow you to establish, execute and evaluate your Transformation.


To summarise, the Marketing Transformation Model helps brands to adapt their marketing organisation to the evolved consumer needs. To name just a few of the benefits of the Model for you as a brand:

Improve cross-department collaboration

by encouraging your Marketing ecosystem to share common objectives

Reduce waste of time and money

by increasing efficiency and investing your budget based on consumer-centricity

Generate more impact and visibility

by optimising consistent messaging and increasing the number of relevant touchpoints

Generate more relevant leads driving sales

by implementing a seamless 360-degree interaction with your consumers


There is a lot more to be said about what we do.
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My brand needs to make the shift towards digital now. How can the model help me?

Nowadays, you often hear talking about ‘Digital Transformation’, ‘Omni-channeling’ or ‘Big Data’. In our opinion these are merely buzz words which mean nothing to the consumer. The consumer, who has already integrated the online world into his offline day-to-day life, just expects a seamless brand experience regardless of channels being digital or not.

Therefore considering Digital Transformation as simply introducing new technologies into your existing Marketing System will be inefficient. First you need to do away with silo-based work, then you must think about introducing business models adapted to your consumer journeys (both online and offline). Only then you will need to start thinking about technologies and applications that will support your business and facilitate your dialogue with consumers.

The Marketing Transformation Model will help you break down the silos in your organisation and guide you towards innovating your business models. It will also help you map the gaps in your current technological infrastructure and define the requirements to fill them.

Will the Marketing Transformation Model help me define a Marketing Plan including sales actions and campaign ideas?

The Model is not developed as a Marketing Planning tool, but... it will help you to implement an operational framework in which you and your agencies will be able to be more efficient and productive.

The result for you will be reducing your time-consuming operational workload enabling you to spend more time to reflect on your strategy. The result for your agencies is they will have more opportunities to deliver better work. Better work delivered faster = more impact.

Which software tools do I need to implement the Marketing Transformation Model?

This will depend of your specific situation. The Model itself is not a software platform, nor a digital application of some kind. However, you will most probably need digital tools to optimise the execution of your Transformation Game Plan, resulting from the model itself. These can be already existing at your company but you may need to introduce new tools.

The Model will help you map the gaps in your current infrastructure and define the requirements to fill them. New tools you need can already exist in the market, or you can develop them internally by your IT-department or externally by third parties. At the Name of the Game, we will make you objective recommendations unbiased by specific developers or vendors.

It is hard to change human behaviour and habits. How does the Marketing Transformation Model handle this?

At the Name of the Game, we like to do things different than how you may perceive traditional consultancy firms. In our methodology our first focus is to involve the people who will continue the job when ours is done. We not only make sure that top management is committed, but we spend a lot of time to integrate the needs of the people performing day-to-day activities from the start.

A Taskforce, composed of those internal resources and their external partners such as agencies, is assembled and given the responsibility of the ideation of optimisation opportunities. To put it boldly, we do not make the transformation recommendations, the people on the work floor do. Therefore, the willingness to change is self-evident.

How does the Marketing Transformation Model work with only 1 of the 3 major steps in place?

The model is flexible, scalable and adaptable to your specific needs. The three steps can be implemented consecutively, but you may be just interested in a detailed audit (Diagnose -step 1) of your Marketing situation for the time being. Or, you already made a detailed diagnose and defined optimisation opportunities yourself and now want to fill them in by generating ideas and involving your staff and partners (Accelerate – step 2).

Another possibility is that you need help with the concretisation and implementation of your optimisation ideas (Innovate – step 3). Each of the 3 steps in the Marketing Transformation Model includes actionable deliverables, and can be implemented individually if the requirements are existing. Having trouble defining your needs? Lets’s talk!  

Is there a standard way of executing the Marketing Transformation Model?

No, there is not. Each industry, brand, market or organisation is different. You may be working for a large multinational competing with many others, or for a small or medium sized company delivering specific services to a niche target group. Each organisation also has different needs.

You can be focused on transforming your internal marketing organisation or on the other hand on aligning your many agency partners, or both. The Marketing Transformation Model is conceived to be flexible, scalable and adaptable to your briefing based on your specific situation.

What will be the impact on my (team’s) workload if I decide to execute the Marketing Transformation Model on top of my (team’s) current work?

Like so many professionals nowadays, you suffer from work overload and time-issues. However, these are often resulting from your current operational structure which is exactly what the Marketing Transformation Model will improve. By investing some of your time during the process, you will structurally improve your efficiency, save time on operations and reduce your workload afterwards.

As for the process itself, the Marketing Transformation Model is conceived to be as efficient as possible, in order to limit the workload for you. We will be doing the majority of the analytical work based on existing documents you will provide us. The methodology also includes user-friendly online surveys, face-to-face interviews that are limited to the necessary, and short yet productive workshops. All of this will be planned together with you so it fits best into your agenda.

Which return on investment can I expect if I implement the Marketing Transformation Model?

The Model can not guarantee an exact figure as this fully depends of your specific current situation and of your future economical market context. What it can guarantee is that by implementing the Game Plan resulting from the Model you will structurally increase operational efficiency, reduce waste of time and optimise your operational marketing expenses. Transforming your Marketing organisation based on consumer-centricity will also generate more impact, visibility and relevant leads driving sales.

Who or what is the Name of the Game?

The Marketing Transformation Model was invented and developed by The Name of the Game. The Name of the Game is an outcome driven consultant in strategy, innovation and operations. We act as a neutral incubator, facilitator and catalyst for your transformation projects, operating within your organisation and across departments and geographical borders.

We amplify your marketing performances by supporting you in identifying optimisation opportunities and knowledge, and in creating the right operational framework within your organisation. We founded the Name of the Game in September 2015 and are operating from Brussels, Belgium.