What’s your definition of marketing?

By Robert Clay for Marketing Wizdom.

Marketing therefore goes far beyond targeting, advertising, pricing, and promoting your product and service. It is also responsible for creating the products and services that satisfy the needs of your marketplace; quality control; accounts receivable; looking after your customers; and converting first time buyers into loyal clients. Whether you previously realised it or not, marketing is therefore at the epicentre of your business.

It follows that everyone in your business must have a customer-first attitude. They should be hired because they have that attitude. You should part company with them if they don’t. Every one of them should develop their customer awareness by meeting and/or interacting with customers as part of what they do. If the leaders in your business aren’t spending 40-60 percent of their time reading about, thinking about, or interacting with your customers they’re doing the equivalent of sailing a ship at night without a compass, chart or lights.

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